Your Guide to Finding the Best Ukulele Under $100

So you’ve decided to finally learn how to play ukulele, and now you’re ready to choose an inexpensive, but quality ukulele. In this guide, we help you find the best ukulele under $100.

Why $100? Because here at ramblin’ van radio, we know that you can get yourself a blue chip instrument at a beer budget price, and since you’re just starting off, you don’t need to spend a whole bunch of money to get started with hands on practice.

Some history on the ukulele

In the fascinating world of music, we have a diversity of instruments that can offer us truly exciting and transcendent experiences. An example of this is the rewarding experience that stringed instruments provide when striking, strumming or rubbing – depending on the way they are played.

A good representative of this family is the popular Ukulele (or ukelele, as it’s sometimes misspelled), of Hawaiian origin and a Portuguese descent when old immigrants brought their cavaquinhos and then took the “koa” wood, which is native to the island of Hawaii and created a hybrid with it.

Since then, countless ukuleles have been created with a multiplicity of materials, designs, sizes and systems for all tastes that, inevitably, has generated a series of prices that go from the cheapest to the most expensive, depending on the aspirations of each performer.

However, having the clear criteria to choose the best ukulele under a hundred bucks is not an easy task, so we gotta consider a number of factors to make the best investment based on our needs.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the best ukulele:

  • Instrument size (according to its classification in soprano, concert, tenor or baritone)
  • Design (according to personal taste)
  • Finish (that does not have a thick layer of varnish or paint)
  • Price (accessible, but not too cheap since it can be a low-quality indicator of the instrument)
  • Sound (clear, precise, not fretting), acoustic or electro-acoustic system (the latter more expensive)
  • Musical knowledge of the buyer (beginner, intermediate, expert)
  • Type of pegs
  • Quality of the strings (Nylon or metal)
  • Instrumental timbre according to their classification (sopranos and concerts are more close or traditional of the instrument, while tenor are more treble and baritones are more similar to the guitar), trademark (some famous guitar manufacturers have also includes ukuleles in their stock of offers), among others.

Best soprano ukulele under $100

We must start by defining that a soprano ukulele is the most popular among all the existing types of ukulele since it has the sharpest and most characteristic sound of this type of musical instrument. Its size is barely 53 cms in length, ideal for children or beginners with small hands who are just beginning their learning.

The Best soprano ukulele under 100 may be designed to suite the player´s taste, but in either an oval or pineapple shape, it should have a good looking finish without overdoing the varnish or paint layer on it. Acoustic ukuleles should also be considered since electroacoustic ukuleles need more demanding maintenance and their price is well above 100.

Here are some offers on soprano ukuleles below 100:


This is a great band that has expanded throughout the world in terms of the manufacture of ukuleles and that is one of the options that every beginner takes to start with this instrument.


Of course, Fender has traveled around the world characterized by its fascinating quality and professionalism when it comes to making instruments and ukuleles are one of them. You can choose yours and Fender will give you what you need.

Best concert ukulele under 100

Similar to the soprano ukulele, the concert ukulele differs from the previous one on its dimensions since it can have an additional 5cm in length to carry a size of 58cm. With more space between the frets it becomes a better option for adult hands, a little older and those who want to take advantage of the plucking of strings to show off their musical skills and abilities.

The best concert ukulele under 100 should have a good proportion between its frets to offer the musician who plays it the clearest and most accurate sound possible at the most frets, treble.

Here are some offers on concert ukuleles under 100:


If we talk about elegance, we talk about Cordoba and this ukulele model that has been released is completely great not only for its style but also for the level of high quality. Without a doubt, an excellent option.

Kala MK-C

Kala continues to amaze and its MK-C extension turns ukuleles into another world apart. This is a brand that provides strength and a magnificent sound to the instrument.

Best tenor ukulele under 100

This specimen of ukulele is of greater physical dimensions than its predecessors, the soprano ukulele and the concert ukulele. Its size is 67 cms and its proportions allow music lovers and other musicians such as guitarists, to access their learning more easily since the proportion of its frets is more spacious and its sound provides greater depth and sound due to its wide tessitura.

The Best tenor ukulele under 100 should allow us to have a good quality of strumming of the strings, providing a precise and pleasant sound; with well-tuned strings to offer a well-tempered sound that allow us to educate our hearing while we master the performance of the instrument with well-focussed precision.

Here are some offers on tenor ukuleles under 100:

Cordoba 15TM

The whole music public trusts Cordoba. Of course, it does not disappoint when it comes to making tenor ukuleles and makes this instrument worthy of every professional but also beginner who wants to start in this world of ukulele.

Lanikai CDST-T

Bringing a great tone, a professional projection and the elegance of a beautiful, excellent quality instrument, Lanikai is a brand that makes sure that every instrument makes the perfect sound and work.

To improve the sound quality of our instrument we should only replace the strings with a package of better quality if we want to optimize the accuracy of its frequencies. On the other hand, the weight of the instrument has to be comfortable to perform while standing up despite being larger and making it easier to handle on stage. This should be as light as possible, but with good quality wood to offer a better soundboard. Following this recommendations and the options we provided, you will make sure to get the best ukulele under 100.